Our Services

Our creative and imaginative staff can provide you with the best services from filming commercials to advertisements campaigns.


Active Media offers many specific services to help your business develop a message that sells. Your advertising will become more effective; delivering a higher return on investment for the dollars you spend. Your message must stick in the consumer’s mind. From creative copy writing, digital marketing, and excellent video presentation to jingles and animated logos, Active Media has the resources to drive that message home and increase the recall in the consumer’s mind. Contact Us Today!


The Active Media Associates, Inc. production department is a multiple award-winning group of professionals who constantly strive at outdoing themselves with each project they produce.

We will put our team against any national production company and deliver an effective product that not only looks great, but sells. At the end of the day, if it does not sell, what good is it?

In addition to short-form advertising, we also produce long-form web and sales presentations as well as television shows like TP Outdoors Adventures, which airs nationally on The Hunt Channel.

In House Video 4K Production

The Active Media Associates, Inc. production department is one of a select few with the ability to produce full 4K productions. Using Ultra HD 4K cameras and monitors, we can deliver consistent quality every time


Our Graphic design staff creates designs that accurately and effectively represent your company. These designs have proven to be effective tools within their respective markets.

We have the tools and formal training to create award-winning designs for print ads, banners, billboards, logos, on-screen graphics, business cards, and so on.

Our designs will seamlessly mesh with the other tactics of your campaign, so that you get the best ROI.

Graphic Design has one purpose: to sell your products and services. This is where Active Media Associates, Inc. has catapulted to the forefront our our clients’ success. We understand ROI and the selling process.



What good is your message if your audience doesn’t see it? Try our Ad Placement Services today!

Ad Placement is the final key to the success of your production. Our Media Buyers negotiate and purchase advertising space, on your behalf, in print, television, and radio. Through intense planning along with 29 years of working in the media, we get you the highest value possible to drive your message home.

Post-buy analyses* are performed monthly rather that quarterly, like with most agencies, to bring accountability to the various media outlets and to ensure that our clients receive the best possible return on investment for their advertising dollars.

Effective Media Buying is difficult. It takes developed relationships with media markets and experience to know what is a good buy and what isn’t. When planning what to buy, we evaluate factors based on but not limited to station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psycho graphics relating to your particular product or service objectives.

We optimize what is bought based on: budget, type of medium (radio, internet, TV, print), quality of the medium (target audience, time of day for broadcast, etc.), and how much time and space is needed.

* Post-buy analyses are reviews of all clients’ billing to make sure spots ran during the television shows / time slots / days they were ordered to run.