Our Awards

Please take a moment to view our awards.


When it comes to awards, Active Media Associates has won many awards proving that our staff and expereince is second to none. Give us a call today and let us help you reach the top!


INTERNATIONAL SILVER AWARD: Northeast Louisiana Economic Partnership (Video/ Multimedia)


• JUDGES AWARD (Most Innovative): MOEbiz (Video Brochure)
• PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: Monroe/ West Monroe Convention & Visitor’s Bureau (Video Contest Poster)
• SILVER ADDY AWARD: Bleu Bayou Harley Davidson (Film, Video & Sound – Local TV advertising – Single spot :30)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD: MOEbiz “Video Brochure” (Sales & Marketing – Direct mail)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD: Gilley’s Heating & Cooling, “Winter is Coming”, (Film, Video & Sound – Local TV advertising – Single spot :30)


• NITA BRINSON AWARD: Bradley Wilkinson (Outstanding Sales Professional)
• GOLD ADDY AWARD : MTP Sales Video (Sales Promotion – Audio / Video)
• SILVER ADDY AWARD: Scott’s Catfish and Seafood (Elements Of Advertising – Sound – Music With Lyrics)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD: MTP Drivetrain Brochure (Collateral Material)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD Acme Glass & Mirror – “Acme Fruit” (30 Sec. Local TV Commercial – Production budget < $3,000)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD: WMCVBouter (Services – Regional/National TV – Production budget < $1,250)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD: WM Crossfit – Cinema Advertising


• JUDGES AWARD: MOEbiz Video Brochure
Wellness Center TV Ad
• GOLD ADDY AWARD: The Wellness Center (Local TV Commercial – Production budget < $3,000)
• SILVER ADDY AWARD: Ouachita Valley Federal Credit Union, “12-OVFCUnumbers-13a” (Local TV Commercial – Prod budget < $3,000)
• SILVER ADDY AWARD: TP Outdoors, “Hunt Channel Teaser” (Local TV – Production budget < $3,000)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD: Toyota of Ruston, “11-RWTXmas-13a” (Local TV Commercial – Prod budget < $3,000)
• BRONZE ADDY AWARD: The Wellness Center, “The Wellness Center Jingle” (Elements of advertising – Sound – Lyrics with music)


• BEST OF BROADCAST ADDY AWARD: TP Outdoors Adventures Promo
• GOLD ADDY AWARD: TP Outdoors Adventures Promo
• GOLD ADDY AWARD: Vieux Carre` Jingle 

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